Local singers Tay Kewei and Alfred Sim welcome first child

Local singers Tay Kewei and Alfred Sim welcome first child
Local singers Alfred Sim and Tay Kewei welcomed their first child, a boy, on Sept 27. Photo: Cross Ratio Entertainment

Local singers Tay Kewei and Alfred Sim welcome first child

SINGAPORE — Homegrown singers Tay Kewei and Alfred Sim welcomed their first child — a baby boy — on Wednesday morning (Sep 27).

Their baby, who has yet to be named, weighed in at 3.27 kilograms according to the statement by the couple’s management agency, Cross Ratio Entertainment.

Recounting the birthing process, 35 year-old Sim said: “Kewei took some time to learn to push properly — she couldn’t feel it because of the epidural — but other than that, it was a very smooth delivery.”

“At the last burst, when the doctor said the baby’s head was coming out — I’m a track and field coach so my instincts kicked in straight away — I started shouting and cheering,” joked Sim, who also has a sports coaching business.

Sim was the winner of local reality TV singing contest Project Superstar in 2014.

Tay, 34, who has six albums under her belt, started experiencing contractions in the early Tuesday (Sep 26) morning.

“During the contractions, the pain (Kewei was experiencing) was really bad. We did research on how to relieve the pain and one way is to massage the buttocks. There was a (pressure) point I had to press and it worked better than the laughing gas,” quipped Sim.

The baby was initially due on Sep 23, but the couple got their wish for the baby to be born on Sep 27 so he could share the same birthday as actor Andy Lau, who is the couple’s childhood idol.

“(Andy Lau) is a very good popstar in Hong Kong. We grew up listening to him and he’s very good-looking so I hope our son will look like him,” Sim joked.

The couple, who dated for over 10 years before tying the knot in 2015, have not decided on a name for the baby. However, Sim said his nickname – Shen Mo – is a play on words: “My surname Sim in (Mandarin) is Shen, so ‘shen mo’ is like a question ‘what’?! It’s just a pun.”

When asked about how fatherhood felt so far, Sim said: “I’m feeling good but the excitement has gone down. Now, we are just trying to handle the baby’s needs. Now the baby’s crying and we need to do breastfeeding!”

Tay’s delivery was documented and will be featured on the second season of the couple’s reality web series Married, And Then?.

The series, produced by A Better TV, was first launched on April 6. It documented the couple’s life after marriage, their house renovations and Tay’s pregnancy journey. The eleven-episode series concluded its first season on 7 September 2017.

‘Married, And Then?’ Season 2 will commence on the second week of October at ‘A Better TV’ YouTube channel.