5 ways to enjoy your car

5 ways to enjoy your car
Riding with your friends is one of the joys of car ownership, but there's so much more you can get out of your car. PHOTOS: iStock, Volkswagen

5 ways to enjoy your car

Think car ownership is all about driving to work and ferrying family? Think again.

Whether you’re driving to work, ferrying family members or dutifully going on a tar pao run to your favourite hawker stall, drivers can spend a significant amount of time behind the wheel of their trusty steeds.

Running errands, however, doesn’t have to merely be about getting from Point A to Point B.

Here are some ways your car’s features can help you relieve the monotony of the daily motoring grind and make life a little better.


If your car is equipped with variable driving modes (picture) – like eco, comfort and sport modes – why not take advantage of this to suit the situation? For instance, if you want to reduce your environmental impact (or plain forgot to top up petrol after a hectic weekend), eco mode adjusts your car’s throttle response and gearshifts to use less fuel.

Sport mode prioritises engine and gearbox responsiveness for days when you just want to let your car stretch its legs, while comfort mode occupies a happy middle ground that should keep everyone in the family happy.


What’s one of the most annoying things about lunch time? Finding an empty spot for the gang only to discover that it’s been “choped” by a rival lunch gang. What’s a smart diner to do when confronted by such meal-time injustice?

Pack your food, load up your car and drive off to a more scenic spot for a quick lunch. Better yet, pack a picnic basket and load it in the boot of your car so you don’t even have to worry about the lunch queue. Take that, lunch-time chopesters!


What do most people do when they get behind the wheel of their cars? Pretend they’ve got more vocal chops than Adele and Celine Dion combined as they belt along to their favourite tunes. Get the rest of the family involved though, and you may rediscover Grandpa’s long-dormant crooning skills – and how Grandma fell for him in the first place.


We’re all for enjoying the simple things in life, but there are times when embracing technology can simplify your life, open you up to a world of new experiences and make life more convenient.

Features like MirrorLink, Apple CarPlay (picture) or Android Auto help your car’s touchscreen become an extension of your smartphone.

Use it on your next food run to help you find that new hipster cafe serving avocado toast, or dictate a text message to your loved ones. Catch up on your “reading” by listening to your collection of audiobooks on your mobile device.


As anyone who regularly transports family members will tell you, driving alone can be one of life’s great behind-the-wheel pleasures. There are no backseat drivers critiquing your every move and no kids arguing about whose turn it is to sit in the front passenger seat.

If you’re not in the mood for your favourite tunes, there are still plenty of ways you can enjoy the alone time: Taking note of the subtle nuances of your car’s handling or letting your car (literally) become a vehicle for you to be alone with your thoughts

If you think enjoying some me-time behind the wheel makes you a terrible person, stop right there. Even Superman needs a Fortress of Solitude, so why shouldn’t you enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures?

The Man of Steel gets around on his own power, but for the rest of us, alone-time behind the wheel can be made considerably more enjoyable by a well-engineered car that smooths out bumps and minimises road noise.

At the heart of this peace of mind? The knowledge that manufacturers like Volkswagen offer solid build quality and extra security afforded by materials like high-strength steel.

Or the enhanced quality offered by production techniques like laser welding (picture). With this technique, you get extremely narrow and precise weld seams that produce stronger joints and more rigid body structures compared to other methods like spot welding.

There's also the reassurance of enjoying reliable, round-the-clock manufacturer support: Like a five-year warranty, 12-year body-protection warranty and five years of round-the-clock roadside assistance. Because strength, reliability and reliable support are the hallmarks of what makes a car your personal sanctuary on wheels.

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