How to survive weekend 2 of ArtBox Singapore

How to survive weekend 2 of ArtBox Singapore
It's going to be crowded at Artbox Singapore, so make sure you're prepared. Photo: Facebook

How to survive weekend 2 of ArtBox Singapore

SINGAPORE – Over the Easter long weekend, most Singaporeans were doing one of two things: Commemorating the Good Friday holiday or heading to ArtBox at the Bayfront event space.

A local version of the popular Thai market of the same name, ArtBox Singapore played host to 320 local and regional stalls, each boasting unique wares and food.

The interesting concept and numerous stalls, coupled with loads of hype leading up to the event, free admission, and the fact that Singaporeans have never been able to resist an Instagrammable ‘hipster’ joint meant only one thing — massive crowds.

If you went online over last weekend, you would have seen plenty of people taking to social media to complain about the densely-packed space. However, if you’re undeterred by the haters and still want to take on ArtBox this weekend – it’s the last weekend – you’ll want to read these simple tips on surviving ArtBox Singapore.

STAY COOL. Both physically and mentally. Before heading out, sit yourself down and try to find your inner zen. Getting yourself used to the idea of being smushed between sweaty strangers and queuing for up to an hour for your food is half the battle won. Oh, you’ll also not regret carrying a small electronic fan, a water bottle and a foldable rain poncho with you, especially with the weather we’re having now.

FUEL UP BEFOREHAND. This seems like a strange tip considering how there are over a hundred food stalls at the ArtBox. But squeezing through crowds and shopping burns a ton of calories, so if you get lightheaded or hungry easily, have a snack first.

WEAR COVERED SHOES. Leave those cute sandals at home and bust out your trusty pair of sneakers. A good pair will protect your feet from other people, muddy walkways and the many, many parents and their baby strollers.

KEEP IT LIGHT. Besides the essentials, leave everything else at home. You won’t have to bring cash either — all of the stalls accept contactless and cashless payments.

PLAN AHEAD. Planning ahead will mean less time aimlessly jostling with the crowd and more time getting the full ArtBox experience, so study the event’s map beforehand. Here it is below (click to enlarge)

Are you a foodie? Make a beeline for the food stalls at both sides of the space. Want to get a free tattoo at the MTV booth? Head in and turn right. Also, according to the event’s organisers, the busiest period is between 5pm to 8pm so, you’d do well to head down at 3pm when the market opens, or between 9pm and 10pm to beat the crowd.


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