An acoustic handpan will be played during the Yoga in the Dark class as yogis get into their poses. Photo: Yoga+
Pedal-power bicycles will be set up at WooBar at W Singapore Sentosa Cove. Participants pedalling their hearts out are what will power the DJ booth on March 25. Photo: International Bicycle Film Festival Singapore
WooBar will be serving Harry's Tokyo cocktails, served out of light bulbs. Photo: WooBar

Pedal-powered DJ booth, yoga in the dark at Earth Hour

March 24
SINGAPORE — As many as 200 companies are minimising the use of their lights for Earth Hour on Saturday (March 25).
Gallery: Stylescoop: SK Jewellery, UNIQLO

Stylescoop: SK Jewellery, UNIQLO

March 24

Bridal must-haves. Mothers-in-law looking for the perfect Si Dian Jin (four touches of gold) — a betrothal gift from the groom’s mother to the bride — should check out the new...

Gallery: Here comes the fun

Here comes the fun: VW's Beetle...

March 24

SINGAPORE — Is your idea of a dream apartment one with a giant patio or roof terrace that lets you lie under the sun, until your skin turns into something a roast-pork seller...

Gallery: Beer market to be featured at Artbox Singapore

Beer market to be featured at Artbox...

March 23

SINGAPORE — Three hundred vendors. Five thousand fairy lights spanning 3km, and artwork crafted on 200 pieces of sheet metal. And, perhaps most exciting for those who love beer,...