Father sentenced 23.5 years for sexually abusing daughter

Father sentenced 23.5 years for sexually abusing daughter
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Father sentenced 23.5 years for sexually abusing daughter

SINGAPORE — A man, who claimed that his deformed penis made it impossible for him to sexually abuse his daughter, was on Monday (March 20) sentenced to 23 years and six months’ jail, and 24 strokes of the cane by the High Court.

The judge said that the victim suffered for a number of years in her family home, which should have been a sanctuary for her.

The man, a 42-year-old food-stall assistant, intends to appeal against his conviction and sentence.

His 10 charges ranged from sexual assault by penetration to outraging the modesty of a minor under the age of 14.

He was earlier convicted of sexually assaulting his daughter in their Choa Chu Kang home between the end of 2011 and April 2014.

She was merely 11 at the start of the abuse, and the oldest of three children.

Neither of them can be named to protect her identity.

In his sentencing remarks, Judicial Commissioner Aedit Abdullah said that the family home should have been a “safe sanctuary” for the daughter.

Most of the offences ended up being committed in the master bedroom, where the victim would complete school projects using the computer there.

Now 16, the daughter said in a statement that she constantly replayed the sexual abuse “over and over” in her mind.

“The nightmares, flashbacks and anger built up inside me. There are days when it grips me.

“I am still in control and I am determined not to be defined by all these (memories), but they will always be a huge part of my identity. There is no way around that,” she said.

Calling for a sentence of 24 years’ jail and 24 strokes of the cane for what she termed as one of the worst cases to come before the court, Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) April Phang said: “It’s really the victim’s misfortune to have a sexual pervert of a father.”

The man knew that there would be little medical evidence of his crimes should she report him.

Such depravity made home a “living hell” for the girl, DPP Phang said.

During the trial, the man claimed that his swollen genitals — he had undergone procedures to enlarge his penis — made it physically impossible for any form of sexual penetration.

Pending appeal, he is out on a bail of S$150,000.

Outside court, the daughter, who attended the hearing after school, told reporters: “I don’t understand. He didn’t even show any (remorse), even (now).

“And he has the guts to turn around and smile (at us in court).”