Former property agent jailed for trying to snatch police revolver

Former property agent jailed for trying to snatch police revolver
Permanent Resident Han Jing has been sentenced to 11 months and 12 weeks' jail. Photo: Singapore Police Force

Former property agent jailed for trying to snatch police revolver

SINGAPORE — She drove her car into a signpost and walked away from the scene, but when the police persuaded her to return and blocked her path to prevent her from wandering off again, she grabbed a revolver from one of the officers’ holster and tried to yank it out.

For attempting to possess an offensive weapon, Han Jing, a 38-year-old permanent resident, was sentenced to 11 months’ jail on Friday (Feb 17). She was given another three months’ jail in lieu of caning, which is mandatory for such offences. Women cannot be caned under Singapore laws.

A district court heard that on Jan 22 last year, the former property agent crashed her black Mini Cooper into a signpost at Soo Chow Garden Road. She then wandered on foot to a bus-stop nearby along Upper Thomson Road.

Two police officers — Staff Sergeant (SS) Muhammad Noor Abdul Rahman and Sergeant Muhammad Ihsan Mohammad Helmi — who were alerted to the crash by a member of the public at around 12.25am, later found Han at the bus-stop.

They told her to return to the accident site and wait there while they carried out investigations. Around 1.25am, Han wandered off again towards Upper Thomson Road and stopped near the junction of Soo Chow Drive and Soo Chow Gardens.

The officers persuaded her to return to the scene and blocked her from leaving by standing in front of her. This was when she reached for the loaded gun secured to a holster on SS Muhammad Noor’s utility belt, and tugged on it several times.

To stop her from pulling out the gun, he put both his hands on top of hers while his partner stepped in to grab her elbow and eventually pulled her hand away.

Han was handcuffed and arrested on the spot.

An Institute of Mental Health report stated that Han had no history of mental illness. She was suffering from an acute stress reaction, but no medication was required.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Azri Imran Tan said: “Feeling stressed does not excuse her from disobeying the instructions of the police officers to remain at the scene and (for trying) to snatch an officer’s revolver when he... (stood) in her path.”

Han showed little remorse and was uncooperative during investigations, DPP Tan added.

In previous court hearings, she insisted that she had fallen and grabbed the revolver for support.

Two other charges she faced, of throwing litter from a high-rise condominium, were taken into consideration during sentencing.

On Sept 4 last year at around 11.20pm, Han — who lived on the 30th floor of Espada condominium in River Valley — threw a flower pot, a small table and a clothing rack off the apartment’s balcony. She hauled another flower pot to the ground-level swimming pool area, and a broken fragment grazed a police officer’s forehead.