NDP funpack features flute, dual-use bag

The design team from Nanyang Polytechnic behind this year’s funpack, together with LTC Chang Pin Chuan (front row, centre). Photo: MINDEF
This year’s funpack was designed by students from Nanyang Poly. Photo: Alfred Chua

NDP funpack features flute, dual-use bag

SINGAPORE — The National Day funpack — a long-time parade staple — has been given a facelift this year, with organisers encouraging the reusability of its contents among Singaporeans.

This year’s funpack was unveiled yesterday by Chairman of the National Day Parade (NDP) 2013 Logistics and Finance Committee Lieutenant-Colonel (LTC) Chang Pin Chuan, along with the design team of 10 students from Nanyang Polytechnic’s (NYP) School of Design.

Making its debut in this year’s funpack is a three-toned flute, inspired by the traditional angklung.

Mr Mohammad Zoehairy Kosnani, team leader of the design team told TODAY the flute is “perfect for kids to make noise at the parade, with its three different tones”.

Organisers added that it can be reused “to cheer on (our) athletes at sporting events”.

In addition, parade-goers will find an extendable lightstick — longer than previous ones — that can be converted into a torchlight post-NDP.

The funpack, which contains 26 items, also sees a personal twist to the traditional souvenir handbook, with 20 personal accounts from Singaporeans of “events that have had an impact on the nation”.

To come up with this year’s funpack design, LTC Chang said over 200 Singaporeans were surveyed online last September for their views. More than a quarter of them had wanted a backpack design, while a similar number wanted a slingbag. The final design allows the bag to be used both ways.

Organisers said 130,000 funpacks will be distributed across the NDP’s five shows.