Warmer temperatures in second half of March: MSS

Warmer temperatures in second half of March: MSS
Umbrellas aren't just for the sudden showers that can occur despite the hot weather. Photo: Jason Quah

Warmer temperatures in second half of March: MSS

SINGAPORE — Expect hotter temperatures over the next two weeks, said the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) on Thursday (March 16).

Temperatures are expected to be between 33°C and 35°C, which is an increase from the first half of March, where daily maximum temperatures ranged between 27.6°C and 35.7°C.

The MSS also noted that light wind conditions - common during the inter-monsoon period - may occasionally result in the appearance of slightly hazy skies over parts of Singapore on some days as particulate matter in the atmosphere takes a longer time to disperse.

Short thundery showers can be expected on five to seven days in second half of March, mostly in the afternoon and could extend into the evenings on some days. In addition, on one or two days in the mornings, widespread thundery showers with gusty winds can also be expected.

The showers and warm weather follow expected weather patterns as Singapore transitions into the inter-monsoon period around the last week of March.

The inter-monsoon period is expected to prevail into April and May, and is characterised by warm weather and thunderstorms developing mainly in the afternoon and early evening.

In the first half of March, the daily temperatures ranged from a low 22.9°C to a maximum of 35.7°C.