5-cent coins still have value

From Steven Lee Thien Poh -
March 27

While it may seem bothersome to the writer of the letter “Stop circulating 5-cent coins” (March 24) that five-cent coins are still being used, we must bear in mind the value of...

Public education key to bike-sharing’s success

From Frankie Wong Chee Kin -
March 27

I read with interest the report “Chinese firm Mobike enters S’pore’s bike-sharing market” (March 22). Bicycle sharing is fast becoming an option to supplement the existing...

Rise in water prices will push up cost of living

From Harry Chia -
March 27

I believe that the 43 per cent of Singaporeans who are against the water price hike would accept it if the hike were confined to households (Just over half of S’poreans back...

Video series on hawkers an eye-opener

From Christine Gan Tze Ting -
March 25

I am writing with regard to the article “Video series highlights ‘stories behind hawker food cooked with love’” (March 20)

Water-price hike no excuse to be unhygienic

From Perumal Krishna -
March 25

The recent talk about the importance of water conservation due to the impending water-price hike should not become an excuse for malls, food courts and other eateries to...