Proxy can help activate PAssion Silver Concession Card

From Corrine Ng, Vice President, Corporate and Marketing Communications, Transit Link -
January 21

We thank Mr Tan Kok Tim for his feedback (“Allow family members to activate Silver Card of those with disabilities”, Jan 18).

Retirement age should be scrapped

From Chua Kim Choo -
January 21

I refer to the report “Is there a need for retirement age in Singapore? Experts divided” (Jan 11).

How did unauthorised works at MRT station site go unnoticed?

How did unauthorised works at MRT...

From Oun Hui Peng -
January 21

It was reported that Sato Kogyo had constructed an under-sized temporary diversion drain within its worksite for the Upper Thomson MRT Station project (picture), and had not...

Public housing not a certainty for Bayshore

From Yvonne Lim, group director (physical planning), Urban Redevelopment Authority -
January 21

We refer to the reports “URA seeking new ideas for Bayshore precinct makeover” (Jan 19) and “Residents, businesses welcome plans to add buzz to Bayshore” (Jan 20) in TODAY.

Establish a pedestrian’s code of ethics

From Tay Yong Hong -
January 20

Cyclists and personal mobility device users will soon be regulated by laws on the proper usage of roads and paths. I believe that pedestrians should not be spared (“Jail, fines...

Unwise to depend on climbing stairs for exercise

From Norman Wee Sin Chuan -
January 19

The exhortation, in “Stand aside: Walking up and down escalators benefits health, brain age” (Jan 12), to climb escalators as a form of exercise should be taken with caution, as...

Cause for optimism about China’s economy

From Paul Chan Poh Hoi -
January 19

I do not share the pessimism over China’s economic outlook, in the commentary (“More economic uncertainty hanging over China”; Jan 3).

Reflections of a parent on son’s O-Level feat

From Cathryn Sim-Chew Lay Hwa -
January 19

When the O-Level results were released last week, our son was unusually silent upon returning home before he revealed the truth about his performance (“Record 84.3% pass 5 or...