Make act of giving part of one’s lifestyle

From Vanessa Tan Yu Bee -
February 25

Mr Richard Hartung was right to say that doing good takes more than just giving (“Successful Philanthropy: Doing good takes more than just giving”, Feb 11). I would add that...

Cap-and-trade system more effective than a carbon tax

From Francis Cheng -
February 24

I read with concern that a carbon tax on large emitters of greenhouse gases could work out to a 2.1 per cent to 4.3 per cent increase in current household electricity tariffs (...

Plug wastage in spending before any tax increases

From Eddy See Siew Leng -
February 23

I read with interest about Budget 2017 and the need to increase taxes to support infrastructure and healthcare as the population ages (“New taxes or higher rates needed to fund...

E-learning can help Singaporeans learn more for less

From Gary Lim Jit Siang -
February 23

Do more with less. We hear this often, and it was again highlighted in Budget 2017, as was e-learning (“New taxes or higher rates needed to fund growing needs” and “New scheme...

Budget gives hope of overcoming difficult times

From Charlie Lau -
February 23

With the global uncertainties, I am glad the Government outlined a Budget for the future and set aside S$2.4 billion over four years to kick off Committee on the Future Economy...