Stop the sale of dual-SIM phones that support 2G

From Tiong Choon Hin -
April 28

The shutdown of Singapore’s 2G network means consumers with dual-SIM handsets now have only one SIM slot supporting 3G/4G because the other slot supports the 2G network.

School mergers a difficult but necessary measure

From Liew Wei Li, Deputy Director-General of Education and Director of Schools, Ministry of Education -
April 28

We are thankful for the feedback to the Ministry of Education’s plans to merge schools.

Hawker centre incident: Did anyone help the old man?

From Gurmit Singh Kullar -
April 28

I find the incident of the elderly man being abused at a hawker centre to be disturbing because no one seemed to come to his aid (Toa Payoh couple arrested: Experts caution...

Allow more foreign pupils to join public schools

From Victor Chew -
April 27

There are expatriates who would love to enrol their children in public schools while paying unsubsidised fees, yet the Government would rather limit their enrolment and merge...

Accept changes and move on

From Edmund Sum Siew Kee -
April 27

In his commentary “School mergers: More questions than answers” (April 25), Dr Leong Chan-Hoong waxes lyrical about elitism in the pecking order of junior colleges and secondary...

School mergers another blow to our heritage

From Rick Lim Say Kiong -
April 27

Two paragraphs in Dr Leong Chan-Hoong’s commentary “School mergers: More questions than answers” (April 25) struck me as a reminder that reminiscence may soon become a lost word...

Reinvent the Orchard Road experience, not just its environment

Reinvent the Orchard Road experience,...

From Patrick Liew Siow Gian -
April 27

Redesigning Orchard Road is not only about the built environment, including the landscape, but also about reinventing the experience to bring back the right crowd, commerce and...