Ban tobacco products? Alcohol more harmful

Ban tobacco products? Alcohol more harmful
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Ban tobacco products? Alcohol more harmful

After reading the comments in “Stop import of cigarettes, ban smoking completely, if possible” (Oct 10), I would like to say that it is just not possible to ban the sale of cigarettes in Singapore.

Why target and be so biased against cigarettes? Why not ban alcohol or even knives, which can be used as a dangerous weapon?

I am not encouraging and supporting smoking.

If there is demand, then there will be supply.

Besides, cigarette imports generate tax revenues for governments around the world.

The only way to stop this is when there is absolutely no demand for tobacco products.

I used to be an extremely heavy smoker, but now I am a “social smoker” due to the harmful effects and because it is getting more expensive to buy cigarettes.

Alcohol is more harmful than cigarettes if you consider the effects it has on drinkers and their behaviour, which can be criminal, not to mention the social ills of addiction and the pain that causes families.

So before we criticise and ask to ban cigarettes, e-cigarettes and smoking, think about tackling alcohol sales first.