Flooding in MRT tunnels: Not enough answers, assurance from the authorities

Flooding in MRT tunnels: Not enough answers, assurance from the authorities
The unprecedented flooding in MRT tunnels along the North-South Line that halted services along a stretch of stations for some 20 hours over the weekend has thrown up questions of what had gone wrong, and whether a repeat could happen. Photo: SCDF

Flooding in MRT tunnels: Not enough answers, assurance from the authorities

The breakdown of train services along the MRT’s North-South Line over the weekend is still a talking point online. Facebook users want the full picture on how the MRT tunnels could be flooded — with a few offering their own theories — while some urge the public to be more understanding towards the workers dealing with the aftermath. Others talk about their unpleasant experiences of being caught in the fray.



Thanks to all those working round the clock. Must be tiring for staff members from SMRT & SCDF (Singapore Civil Defence Force). They must have made weekend plans to be with their families and friends, but am sure that’s not important because they needed to get the trains running... There are crazy things happening around the world... typhoon, earthquake, floodings, shootings, terrorism etc... this is only a minor disruption whereby there are other alternatives for us to get from Point A to B. Everyone just need to chill and stop being so negative. Just adjust for now. EMMA KRISH


We see how you’re trying to gain sympathy by choosing to focus on the hard work of staff members and engineers in this... And no doubt, they have worked hard. But what about any sort of accountability and genuine admission of fault from the people at the top? STELLA JOSEPHINE


Very often, huge advertisement signboards could be seen at MRT stations showing how SMRT employees are working tirelessly at night to keep the system functioning. First, no one doubts the competence of those workers on the ground, and their efforts should be duly rewarded by the authorities and/or operators. And it is their job. However, those advertisements sometimes appear to be intended to gloss over the failings of the management and the Government. SIVAKUMARAN CHELLAPPA


The questions we must ask the LTA (Land Transport Authority) is: Didn’t it know that torrential rains often happen in our nation? After more than 30 years operating the rail system, didn’t it anticipate frequent torrential rains? Just like the Taiwanese, when they built their train network, they are mindful of the frequent and unpredictable earthquakes, or even Hong Kong, the frequent typhoons that happen there. Even when there were breakdowns in service due to all these natural incidents, they took a shorter time to resume train operations... LTA admitted the flood was caused by a pump malfunction. So there was no regular and conscientious maintenance of the system? Somebody is not doing their job properly and conscientiously. KWAN SIEW KONG


The current upgrading works at Kallang River between Bishan Road and Braddell nearby to increase its drainage capacity could have played a part in the flooding, as the canal water flow could have been temporarily diverted, and the water may have found its way through an alternative route into the MRT tunnel... just my thoughts. MEILIZA AGOES


Horrible. Live in Woodlands, study in the city. Been hit Saturday night, Sunday... Took me more than double the time to get home Satirday night on a nauseating bus ride to Woodlands. Poor aircon ventilation, constant braking by bus driver (sudden, not gradual, which causes the discomfort), and then having to take another bus back to Admiralty... The 30-year-old MRT system has functioned so well in the past years, and SMRT should be maintaining or even improving its reliability. I’m glad we have buses and trains in Singapore offering connectivity. I’m not glad that the backbone of the transport system can have a day-long breakdown due to rain. JIN ZHIYAN KIM

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