Seawater for toilets in new estates?

Seawater for toilets in new estates?

I refer to the report “Future HDB projects to have solar-ready roofs to save installation costs and time” (Sept 1, online). This is a step in the right direction towards sustainable energy. After all, sunlight is free.

To make savings with another life-sustaining resource, water, I suggest we consider providing seawater to toilets in new housing projects.

Doing this in existing estates may be costly, but it could work in new estates near the sea.

One factor that could make it workable is the technological advances to make water pipes more resistant to corrosion, thus helping to reduce the long-term maintenance cost of these pipes.

Some other territories (such as Hong Kong and California) have started doing this.

Perhaps we should too, before it becomes too costly to convert existing pipes to seawater pipes.