Teach psychology to help teens lead purposeful lives

Teach psychology to help teens lead purposeful lives

I am writing with regard to the proposal by Member of Parliament (MP) Faisal Abdul Manap, during the recent debates on the Budget, that some psychology topics be incorporated into the school curriculum for lower secondary school students.

This might be an effective way to enrich our next generation, because the study of psychology can equip them with interpersonal and people skills — since it has been claimed that Singaporean youth are lacking in such skills.

Those in their teenage years frequently question and deliberate on the purpose and meaning of life, and their value systems. The study of psychology can support this search by giving them a deeper insight into the human mind and human behavioural patterns, and understand people better.

Education is not merely a way to maximise your career prospects, or for the Government to get a world-class workforce, but to help students lead a purpose-driven life. I support this proposal and believe it is worth a shot.