World should join US in tackling N Korea threat

World should join US in tackling N Korea threat

The world should take this opportunity to join the United States, South Korea, Japan and even China in a show of unity against a regime intent on attacking another country with a nuclear weapon if provoked.

This is what North Korea declared to the world, and is why the US is bent on denuclearising the Korean peninsula (US will seek peaceful solution to N Korean nuclear threat: Pence; April 19).

North Korea is an impoverished, isolated and unstable country. If tougher economic sanctions strangle it further, it might just turn on the world randomly.

It would be only a matter of time before it would implode and drag its neighbouring countries into a nuclear holocaust.

If its first instinct is to retaliate by unleashing its nuclear arsenal without realising the consequences for humanity, then this speaks volumes about its responsibility as a nation. For years, it has been threatening to use a nuclear weapon.

We have not heard such rhetoric as violent as North Korea’s, even from young nuclear countries. The US has every right to protect its citizens and allies, and prevent a nuclear war.

It has the right to contain a rogue nation and remove this threat before it becomes a full-blown crisis in which millions of innocents would perish.

As the only superpower, the US should lead and restore peace to the Korean peninsula by doing everything possible before it is too late.