Engage workers with mental health issues

From Jeffrey Law Lee Beng -
March 28

People recovering from mental health conditions can become independent and useful members of society if they are gainfully employed (More firms hiring those with mental health...

Next step is to improve performance of start-ups

From Raena Leang Ju Qin -
March 28

I am heartened that although we are a little red dot on the map, Singapore is ranked number one in the world in start-up talent (S’pore beats Silicon Valley for start-up talent:...

Narrow-minded to dismiss West over some bad eggs

From Rio Hoe Xiang Loong -
March 28

I find it difficult to agree with Mr Lee Teck Chuan’s comments in the letter “Freedom with responsibility the S’pore way, unlike West” (March 24).

Mandate proper bike-sharing docking stations

From Cheang Peng Wah -
March 27

Unlike some countries that can tolerate many forms of messy aberrations, ours is a crowded nation, and it is important that bicycle-sharing companies respect the spirit of the...

5-cent coins still have value

From Steven Lee Thien Poh -
March 27

While it may seem bothersome to the writer of the letter “Stop circulating 5-cent coins” (March 24) that five-cent coins are still being used, we must bear in mind the value of...

Public education key to bike-sharing’s success

From Frankie Wong Chee Kin -
March 27

I read with interest the report “Chinese firm Mobike enters S’pore’s bike-sharing market” (March 22). Bicycle sharing is fast becoming an option to supplement the existing...